Soundstreamers Remixes!
Soundstreamers Remixes!
Some new hot remixes of the huge success Like it like that by Soundstreamers.
Music inspired by all senses!

Soundstreamers serves up delicious electronic house to quake any dance floor. "Like It Like That?" has numerous instant hooks and a contagious, knife sharp chorus with filthy beats and lyrics.
The Swedish electronic dance duo consists of the songwriters Linda Sonnvik and Christian Oscarsson. They were introduced to each other a year ago by fellow songwriter Peter Boström who they co-writed with. The cowrite turned into a tight collaboration between Sonnvik and Oscarsson, growing into Soundstreamers.
The two invited Daisy for ravishing vocals on their debut single. Daisy previously had an international hit with "Everytime".

Soundstreamers curiously create music inspired by all senses. The cover art, giving an extra layer to the song, is photographed by Taiwanese professional photographer Jack Lin.

When not working with the duo; Soundstreamers are creating music together for several artists.

Latest Releases

COMPR082 : Rina May - Gilrs Go Hard

Rina May

Gilrs Go Hard

Rina May has teamed up with producer Patrik Remann for this summer pop hit!

COMPR084 : DE2 - Bråk



De2 är Annie Kratz Gutå & Dreamell som gör lättsam elektronisk pop på svenska

COMPR078 : Patrik Remann Feat Kelsey & The Myth - Legacy

Patrik Remann Feat Kelsey & The Myth


The Myth and Kelsey are back as a team on vocals to Patrik Remanns heavy retro hiphop beats.