PRREC231A : Minouche - Frozen luv
RELEASE DATE : 19/05/2017
Minouche ,meaning Melody comes from South africa where she lived next door Nelson Mandela. She realised that singing was going to be her career at an early age and often say I didnt choose it, it chose me. Minouche is Classically trained with a Bachelor of Music degree, has a 3 and a half octave range and also a jazz background but pop and dance music was always her goal. Minouche has a unique tone which enables her to create her own sound. She is a published songwriter and wrote the lyrics for Frozen Luv which was on the Swedish dance chart and she constantly hears music in her head even while she is sleeping, As a ballad singer, Minouche has been comaprared to Barbra Streisand and Kate Bush. Minouche loves to travel and her ability to speak several languages including Afrikaans, French, Hebrew and English brought her to Europe where she has toured extensively supporting artists such as Run Dmc, AHA, Echo and the Bunnyman and China Crises in Paris, Hamburg, Moscow, London and Turkey to name a few . In her spare time Minouche loves to dance and meditate and eat chocolate mousse. Minouche is also an Actress and Voiceover Artist and has appeared in Eastenders and Skyfall and sung the title track for the film When Sarah Comes to Stay.
Minouche - Frozen luv (Xander Niels 2017 Radio)
Minouche - Frozen luv (Xander Niels 2017 Version)
Minouche - Frozen luv (Xander Niels 2017 Dub)

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