PRU117 : Julian Martino - Slow down
RELEASE DATE : 07/07/2017
Julian Martino from argentina is a Thorough and detailed producer. His style is always deep, powerful and cheerful.
His style of preference is Progressive House combining it with a pinch
of Deep vibe inside of it.

My further musical influence came from my father 'reflects julian ...'

He started producing at the age of 15, amassing a wealth of equipment and experience and dedicating his life to learning the craft, his growing passion for electronic music was caused by one of his best friend

As a Dj he has always shake the dance floor, his melodies and powerfull bass make people gone insane. He'd played with artists such as Mariano Santos, Luciano Rodriguez, Rooverb and many more.

He is currently working on lot of proyects wich started to attract the attention from
some recognized record labels.

What's coming next for him? Be attentive
Julian Martino - Slow down (Original Mix)

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