COMPR058 : Emly Clausen - Touch Me (All Over)
RELEASE DATE : 11/08/2017
Emly Clausen takes on a new touch with 'Touch Me (All Over)':

On the album cover she seems to be naughty naked but at the same time virtuous, with widespread arms and halo

She works as a show artist in the evenings and nights as a popular DJ. She is educated dancer at the ballet academy, has experience as an actress and was the Swedish voice to Miley Cyrus' success Hannah Montana.
Finally, Emly Clausens debuts singles 'Touch Me (All Over)', as established songwriter duo Soundstreamers has made specially for her.
'The song is a summery and very flirty popmill,' says Emly.
Emly Clausen - Touch Me (All Over) (Original Mix)

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