The Lab Wizard
The Lab Wizard
Patrik And Ronnie met already 1993 when they both worked in Gran Canaria in spain.
They teamed up again 15 years later to start to make music, and The Lab wizard was born!
They have had chart success in Scandinavia with top 3 in all scandinavian dancecharts and sales & Itunes charts.
In Germany, Austria and UK they have been top 10 with several songs in the Dancecharts.
The music from The Lab WIzard are vocal driven hit tunes with a club feeling.

Latest Releases

COMPR074 : Patrik Remann Feat ANA - Addicting

Patrik Remann Feat ANA


Addicting are about things that can make you addicted, love is like diamonds...

COMPR082 : Rina May - Girls Go Hard

Rina May

Girls Go Hard

Rina May has teamed up with producer Patrik Remann for this summer pop hit!

COMPR084 : DE2 - Bråk



De2 är Annie Kratz Gutå & Dreamell som gör lättsam elektronisk pop på svenska