COMPR086 : Skylar Autumn - Compass
COMPR086 : Skylar Autumn - Compass
RELEASE DATE : 11/10/2019
A Colorado native and a songbird on the loose. California birthed my music & Austin is my current stop. I was raised on Rock & Roll, Blues, folk/old-time country and inspired by the ones who paved their own way. I'm taking my time tasting life and letting it give me something to say.
Skylar Autumn - Empty Glass (Original Mix)
Skylar Autumn - No Matter The Day (Original Mix)
Skylar Autumn - Magnolia (Original Mix)
Skylar Autumn - Wayward Steps (Original Mix)
Skylar Autumn - East Wind (Original Mix)

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Dance Battle Song

Do you need a tune for a dance battle or a dance competition in BASS hiphop style? This is the tune for that, big beats and bass and breaks.

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Xander Niels

Take Me Away

As the artist himself says: My music is melody, energy and emotion Take ma away are for the clubs with a heavy bassline and a great production.

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Going Crazy

The lab wizard are back with a new tune called Going crazy. a song made for the dancefloor!