PRREC522A : KPN & Max C - Get Up Get Down
PRREC522A : KPN & Max C - Get Up Get Down
RELEASE DATE : 26/05/2023
KPN, a remarkably skilled and creative music producer from Sweden, has become renowned for his ability to weave alluring and memorable melodies that captivate listeners. His distinctive sound and imaginative approach to music production have earned him considerable recognition within the industry. Now, KPN is joining forces with the celebrated vocalist Max C to craft an electrifying Vocal House anthem set to make waves in the music world.

KPN's expertise in fusing electronic and organic elements, coupled with Max C's heartfelt and expressive vocal delivery, guarantees an extraordinary experience for fans of the genre. The amalgamation of KPN's unique Swedish production techniques and Max C's inimitable voice is poised to result in a track that will leave a lasting impact on listeners long after its conclusion.
KPN & Max C - Get Up Get Down (Original Mix)

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